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Real Estate is the 2nd largest item on the expense sheet of most organisations, right after labor. Workplace designs are therefore being rethought, reconfigured, and rebuilt to greater advantage and profitability. Smart companies and corporate real estate decision makers who understand the implications for their portfolio, workforce, and bottom line are planning workspace needs tactically […]


Unplug! Just keeping your cell phone, TV, and DVD players plugged in wastes 5 percent of all the energy you use each year. Replace those traditional incandescent bulbs if you haven’t already, or, consider LED lighting as well … an even greener lighting option. In terms of energy efficiency, microwaves are better than toaster ovens; […]


Big question: What is the Earth’s Carrying Capacity?  This will determine how long mankind will last and if doomsday predictions of mankind not lasting beyond 2099 will come true!! But firstly, what is Carrying Capacity? The carrying capacity is the size of a population that can live indefinitely using the resources available where that population […]

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