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Why Buildings need to be Maintained?


  Always there has been need of cleaning buildings, whether residential or commercial. In everyday life cleaning is a must for a hygienic and disciplined life. People maintain personal hygiene, wear clean clothes, eat clean food, visit clean places and so on. Just in the same way it is very important to keep a building clean and maintain it. Anirban from iDream opines that “a building requires timely maintenance in order to ensure that it does not lead to any structural failure. Structural failure can lead to heavy losses not only of money but also of lives in many instances”. To match with the needs of time, cleaning and janitorial services are no longer simply labour oriented jobs. These services have taken much professional shape. Variety and intricacy on internal designing and finishing with various types of surface covering necessitate knowledge and proper equipments. These inputs are a must for an effective and timely turnout.

Cleaning services today have assumed an integral part of total maintenance and upkeep in business organizations. Nice looking neat and tidy offices, public buildings, schools, private homes we see today are by and large outcome of such services. Cleanliness symbolizes positivity and trust. Most buildings look nice and attractive when new. But what happens when everyone has moved in and the building starts to be worked and lived in and needs maintenance? For a building’s proper upkeep, one must continually think about how it’s being used and what may have changed since its construction and completion.The building should be assessed periodically to ensure it is still operating the way it did when it was ready.

Further Anirban said that “in India especially, buildings tend to weather rapidly, particularly in respect to external building materials which are exposed to external causes such as rain, wind, solar radiation including ultra-violet light; and atmospheric pollution. It is therefore very important to carry out regular maintenance”.

 iDream Advisory Services Pvt Ltd is an architectural and interior designing firm with a strong commitment to building sustainable built environments. The firm has delivered building solutions to organisations across all corners of India.

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