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iDream, a leading Architectural and interiors firm based in India aspires to be environmentally conscious and utilize sustainable designs in all aspects of their practice. The organisation adheres by the Green Building Councils philosophy to promote spaces that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy spaces to live and work. iDream’s policy is to improve environmental quality through wise business decisions. These include conserving energy, reducing or eliminating waste, and recycling and properly disposing off remaining waste. Spokesperson Bharati Kadam said “Improving productivity, efficiency and material handling requires regular review of operations. Our organization is actively working to achieve to be a model for other organizations and our country”. iDream Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. works with a “Green Consultant” to discuss sustainable design, products, and solutions, producing in-house documents that address varying design issues and alternatives and their implementation. Improving buildings and making them more energy-efficient has become a key environmental issue, and iDream has a strong commitment to building sustainable built environments. The firm has delivered green solutions to organisations across all corners of India.

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