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Shift in Work Space Needs


Real Estate is the 2nd largest item on the expense sheet of most organisations, right after labor. Workplace designs are therefore being rethought, reconfigured, and rebuilt to greater advantage and profitability. Smart companies and corporate real estate decision makers who understand the implications for their portfolio, workforce, and bottom line are planning workspace needs tactically to leverage every square inch of space that is available to them.
Real Estate decision makers are striving to avoid financial risk and over-commitment by consolidating their real estate holdings and are remaining cautious with a sharp eye on shifting priorities to stay competitive. Success will depend on flexibility and a holistic approach.
Comprehensive strategic planning that identifies options, opportunities, and obstacles from every aspect of the workplace must be implemented for quick maneuvering to adjust, change course, and take advantage of any sudden opportunities that may arise.
A flexible work structure in a multi-tasking environment remains a challenge for most organizations. With technological advances that allow workers to truly work remotely—anywhere, anytime, with swift and secure access to networks and a faster process for scanning documents into the system—the significance and size of the office is fast diminishing and work is being done in a variety of places including the home, client touchdowns and community centers.
Anirban Banerjee from iDream opined that “Lean organizational structures are currently the way to go…this trend is very successful for maximizing real estate needs of corporates and appears like it is here to stay”. With space planning going hand in hand with work force planning, organizations can stay lean and sustainable while maximizing profits.
iDream Advisory Services Pvt Ltd is an architectural and interior designing firm with a strong commitment to building sustainable built environments. The firm has delivered green solutions to organisations across all corners of India.

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