Light Green
Think sustainable; there is no other future

Make Your House Go Green


Unplug! Just keeping your cell phone, TV, and DVD players plugged in
wastes 5 percent of all the energy you use each year.

Replace those traditional incandescent bulbs if you haven’t already,
or, consider LED lighting as well … an even greener lighting option.

In terms of energy efficiency, microwaves are better than toaster
ovens; toaster ovens are better than regular ovens. Reduce cooking
energy by as much as 80 percent using the microwave.

For each degree you turn down your air conditioner in the summer, you
waste about one percent on what it costs to cool your home. Anirban
Banerjee from iDream said that “You don’t really need winter
temperatures in the summer to keep yourself cool”. Use the air
conditioner for shorter hours and at higher temperatures to lower
energy bills and do your share in reducing carbon emissions.

Upgrade the old fridge or freezer ….there are several energy saving
options available in the market.

iDream Advisory Services Pvt Ltd is an architectural and interior
designing firm with a strong commitment to building sustainable built
environments. The firm has delivered green solutions to organisations
across all corners of India.

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