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A Suatainable Community; Why?


Sustainable community issues include issues of health, education, welfare, economy, environment, transportation, public safety… in short, all the different parts that, together, make up a community. Together, with all our diverse needs and desires, we all make up communities.

A sustainable community doesn’t mean utopia. It doesn’t mean that bad things never happen. There will always be floods and cyclones. Some businesses will fail, some people will go hungry. Sustainability means that we continually work towards making things better and we make sure that the systems we set up are helping rather than harming the process. It means operating in such a way that a community doesn’t use up all its resources.

Incorporating sustainability principles in the building and construction sector is critical, but the decision-making process is fraught with mind-sets that resist the change towards greater sustainability. If development is sustainable, it empowers the people of the community, maintains or improves the economy, and treats the environment responsibly. Thinking about sustainability requires looking at the world from a new perspective. By encouraging a new way of thinking, we can begin to change our behaviour. New habits can help us improve our communities and maintain a high quality of life while maintaining and enhancing the natural environment on which our lives depend.

Buildings, infrastructure and the environment are inextricably linked. Energy, materials, water and land are all consumed in the construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure. Environmentally and economically sound design and development techniques are critical to design buildings and infrastructure that are sustainable, healthy and affordable.

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