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Ten ways to reduce carbon emissions

1. Change your bulbs
Replace your most frequently used bulbs with compact fluorescents (CFLs). These use four times less energy and last eight times longer.

2. Drive less
Walk, bike, car pool or take public transport at least once a week if you are a daily driver. You’ll save 1.5 kg carbon dioxide for every 5 km you don’t drive. Switch off your car if you stop for more than two minutes.

3. Keep your tyres inflated .
This improves the fuel efficiency of your car. Every litre of petrol saved keeps 2.5 kg of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Using radial tyres will help you save 3 to 7 % of fuel

4. Use solar energy
Sunlight can be used in many ways to save energy. Use a solar water heater instead of an electric geyser. A 100-litre solar water heater can save around 15 units of electricity every year.

5. Plant more trees
A single tree can absorb one tonne of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

6. Turn off electronic devices
Simply turning off your television stereo, computer, fans lights when you are not using them will save you thousands of kg of carbon dioxide a year.

7. Reuse and Recycle
Recycling and re-using products like paper and bottles will protect the environment. Just by reducing your garbage by 25 per cent will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1,000 pounds a year.

8. Move your A/C thermostat up .
You could save about 900 kg of carbon dioxide a year with this simple adjustment. Set the thermostat of the room air conditioner at 25 C to get the most comfort at the least cost.

9. Use energy efficient computer
Buy a laptop instead of a desktop. It consumes five times less electricity. If you buy a desktop, get an LCD screen.

10. Make a commitment of reducing your carbon footprint.
Spread different ways to reduce carbon emissions to other people, to your office management or write to decision makers.

source:Times of India
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