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One can see the sudden emergence of a ‘green movement’ in the real estate industry in India. Several new real projects are being sold at a premium, because they are labeled green. So is this only a label that people are paying a premium for, or are they really doing something to save the planet? Saving the planet was the goal behind going green, remember? Whereas it is heartening to see a plethora of green projects emerging in India, one must scratch the surface a bit. Certifying agencies for green buildings have different levels of certification; there is certification for Greenfield development (new buildings) and for Brownfield development (old buildings). Then there are certifications for the shell only, for interiors, etc. Some of the projects launched in the recent past with a green label, will have no control on the end user’s behavior (if the building has multiple users, like an apartment block or a office building), and this may not allow the building to remain green beyond the certification. Buildings with a single user who has a firm commitment to remain green have more hope. The green movement is sustainable when there is onus on the end users to abide by the green building principles. That’s when a real difference will be seen ; that is what is sustainable. Companies like Projectwell Management Pvt Ltd are constantly working with various technology companies and government agencies to evolve ways of sustainability in the green movement. So while it is good to feel good about doing your bit for the environment by changing all light fittings in your house to CFL lamps, that is not the end all. You need to think about the entire life cycle of that lamp. Once its life is over, in your house, how do you dispose of it? Has anyone told you about that?

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June 26, 2010 Green Architecture admin

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