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Oh My God!



“It is meditation” I opined confidently to Anant.

Our co-passengers in this train journey was a vivacious girl in her late teens and her father. The girl had her headphones on, her eyes closed and her foot tapping, her head loosely rested on the soft backrest. Her father had dozed off in his sitting posture after…we were about 2 hours into our 6 hour journey.Annat and I had finished our fix of email checking, finished reading the newspapers and had an hour of politician bashing as well. The Godman next door provided fresh fodder.

“Yes, I think so. My neighbour recently went for a 10 day meditation camp to Vipasana at Igatpuri and he came back with this glow on his face!” Anant responded.

Ten minutes back, on the way back after a struggle of aiming right in the “Indian style” toilet at 100 km per hour, I saw a group of saffron wearing disciples sitting in the vestibule next to us. Near the window was seated their Guruji, also in saffron robes. This was my first up close and personal look at a Godman. Suddenly I felt thankful at having washed my hands after the firing practice.

The Guruji was clean shaven and seemed to be meditating with his eyes open as he sat still. He had this amazing glow on his face, the train light bouncing off his face like mirrors in places. Careful not to be rude by staring, I went back to my seat and told Anant about what I saw. Anant went around for a fake round of shooting practice and came back equally amazed.

“Is he wearing makeup?” he asked; his face now showing signs of enlightenment.

“It is meditation.” my turn to be enlightened now.

In ten minutes we had gone from the politician-Godman nexus bashing to be in awe of a Godman. Anant even looked up the next meditation session at Vipasana online on his tab and promised to sign up soon.

The girl next to us opened her eyes and removed her headgear. She must have finished listening to her collection for the fifth time now. She reached out to her father.

“Papa, have you seen the statue of the swamiji next door…it looks so real….I thought it was real!”

Anant and I stared at each other. Our enlightenment had turned into a “I have just seen a ghost” look. We remained frozen for about 10 seconds and then Anant burst out laughing. I could not stop myself anymore and both of us were rolling on our seats laughing at ourselves.

The girl, shocked beyond her wits at our rudeness, gave us the “if looks could kill” look. Poor girl, if only she knew that we were not laughing at her but at each other. We wanted to tell her…but just could not manage to talk. Never laughed at myself like this in a bit! Oh my God!

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January 15, 2014 Musings Parthajeet

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