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Green interior design should be a focal point for all offices today as the business world begins to critically examine its effect on the environment.

When you decorate your home, you may not think about “going green” in the process. But maybe you should. These days more Interior Designers say green designs not only look great, but just might make you FEEL great.

Interior designer Brandi Hagen gives a brief overview of environmentally-friendly flooring options including wool and recycled carpet, reclaimed wood, cork, and more in this clip.

Interior Designer, Astley Ng, shares interior design tips on how you can go ‘green’ at home and in your work place. By Integrating practical ideas and functional aesthetics. Save up to 30% of your electrical bills now with SohoARC’s approach.

In the US, buildings account for about 40% of energy use and CO2 emissions. Learn how buildings are going green, both inside and out, to help lower their huge amount of energy consumption.

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June 1, 2010 Green Interiors admin

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