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Observing the history of architecture closely, one realizes that Ancient Greek and Roman builders, Renaissance and Enlightenment architects, and architects of the Modern movement understood and practiced the usage of locally available materials, using natural light thereby making the building self sufficient, long before energy was an issue and long before anyone used the word […]


One of the most obvious considerations would be landscaping a green development. However, as Anirban from iDream points out “a few considerations at the landscape design stage would make a project greener than the average green”. One should try to use native or adapted trees and plants on the roof. This type of greenery absorbs […]


Over time a certified Green Building can turn brown if it is not maintained properly. A green building is certified green as it incorporates several Green features. Such buildings usually ensure reduction in operating costs on energy and water, besides several intangible benefits such as extending the life span of natural resources, providing human comfort, […]

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